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Injury Causation Analysis

    NBI experts are adept at determining injury causation in a multitude of settings, including motor vehicle accidents, slips, trips, & falls, workplace environments, and athletic participation.


    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    NBI accident reconstructionists and biomechanical experts evaluate vehicle and occupant kinematics (i.e. movement patterns) and kinetics (i.e forces and load) to help determine and potentially explain injury mechanisms in high and low speed vehicular collisions.  Lap and shoulder belts, pretensioners, and airbags are examined in order to determine their influence on mitigating or possibly contributing to injury.  As part of our analysis we aim to determine seatbelt use and nonuse, pre- and post-impact body postures, and occupant trajectory, loading, and impact patterns.


    Slips, Trips & Falls


      Investigations of slip, trip and fall events are conducted as part of NBI’s injury causation analysis, as well as determining the accuracy of the event descriptions by the claimant and witness.  As part of these examinations, certified experts conduct slip evaluations using the ENGLISH XL VIT Tribometer. As a supplement to the biomechanical analysis, human factors issues are evaluated. These include the potential influence of low lighting, fall recovery, age, neurological and physical deficits.  Building and/or city codes are further scrutinized to determine whether they were in accordance with recognized standards and how this may have contributed to the accident in question. 


      Occupation Related

        Approximately 600,000 workers annually experience a non-fatal, occupation-related injury. NBI’s team of doctors and scientists can help determine whether the injury in question was attributed to the work environment / work-related tasks, and whether or not injury could have been prevented.


        Athletic Participation

          Whether it be from youth soccer, collegiate football, basketball at the local gym, or simply running around the block, the dynamic and capricious nature of sports lends itself to sustaining injury. Through medically reviewing the injuries in question and examining the biomechanics and human factors issues related to the event, NBI can help determine whether or not the injury was caused by athletic participation and if protective equipment could have potentially mitigated injury. Commonly examined sports injuries include, concussions and traumatic brain injuries, disc herniations, muscle strain, ligamentous tears, joint sprains, and bone fractures.


          Trial Exhibits


            NBI experts swiftly investigate scenes following an accident utilizing professional photography and videography. As part of the accident reconstruction, NBI scientists utilize the data collected and analyzed from the scene investigation to develop detailed renderings and video simulations with PC Crash 3® software. NBI also staffs illustrators, allowing for detailed yet cost-effective preparation of images when necessary. The series of photographs, videos, drawings and animations make for dynamic trail exhibits that any jury could appreciate.  


            Product Liability

              As a result of component failure and/or an omission of necessary cautions and warnings, products may contribute or be thought to contribute to injury.  The interdisciplinary experts at NBI conduct rigorous scientific and medical investigations to help assess injury causation and the liability of a product in causing injury. By applying accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and human factors analysis, NBI is proficient at examining and evaluating product liability. NBI experts have consulted on cases pertaining to the efficacy restraints, breaking systems, airbags, helmets, footwear and orthotics, wheelchairs, and braces.


              Product Development

                From optimizing a product’s capabilities to assessing its efficacy and validating claims, NBI’s team of scientists can spearhead your company’s product development. NBI is experienced with proprietary evaluation and testing of products in the motor vehicle, protective equipment, therapeutic and athletic apparel spaces.