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Medical Analysis

Medical Analysis


The National Biomechanics Institute has recently attained exclusive rights to LegalScientific’s revolutionary medical analysis software. The laborious, time consuming and costly process of sorting, organizing, extracting, reviewing, analyzing and summarizing hundreds of medical records each day that was once performed individually by teams of nurses can now be completed within minutes with this new software. The idea behind the software was to make the medical records review processless time consuming, more effective and less costly for clients. This patent-pending software was designed to automate the review and analysis of medical records using natural language processing technology. Natural language processing enables Legal Scientificto seamlessly sort, review, organize, and analyze thousands of medical documents within a few minutes. Because complex concepts are best explained using a combination of text and visual depictions, the software will not only deliver written summaries, but itwill also provide visual injury diagrams that you can be used in meetings and trials. The visually-stimulating injury diagrams can also serve as trail exhibits.Through relying on ground-breaking software technology, Legal Scientific also helps to eliminate human error in the medical record analysis process. Whether used by practitioners to evaluate efficacy of diagnoses and care, experts in their forensic investigations, or attorneys in their decision on case settlement, our revolutionary software helps to maximize efficiency for all parties involved. 


Revolutionary and proprietary natural language processing (NPL) technology is at the intersection of computational linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence.NPL a is a way for computers to analyze, understand and derive meaning from the human language. The technology performs those tasks using a complex system comprising extraction of information, solving multi-document coreference and temporal abstraction.In the context of the iMR software, this technology makes it possible for the software to read scanned (or native) medical records, organize the records predicated upon the medical discipline they belong to and summarize each individual record. Because the software does not only extract information and summarizes it but also understands the relations between findings from one health and medical professional to another, the iMR software is able to create a diagnoses timeline and injury diagram to provide a better understanding of your cases.


The aforementioned technology and software is able to deliver a digital copy of the individual medical record review in multiple forms depending on the intended use of the review. The report will be delivered to you as an editable word document containing indexed global medical record review through a sharable online system, giving you access to the entirety of the records. The report will be presented in the following forms:

  1. Hyperlinked global review for experts to gain a fast and general understanding of the medical status, diagnoses and investigations made my health and medical professionals about the patient.
  2. Hyperlinked review by medical discipline for greater understanding of the diagnosis and investigations by the health and medical experts in their respective fields.
  3. Hyperlinked medical record timeline to provide a historical overview of the patient’s status and understanding of potential pre-existing issues and diagnoses.
  4. Hyperlinked medical record injury diagram for visual understanding of the general diagnoses, their location and any potential injury pattern.
Competitors NBI's Medical Analysis Software
Methodology Hand-Review Patent-pending software based on natural language technology
Deliverables PDF / hard copy of indexed global medical record review
  • Individual medical record review
  • Hyperlinked medical record review by discipline
  • Hyperlinked global medical record review
  • Hyperlinked medical record timeline
  • Hyperlinked medical record injury diagram
  • Editable word document of indexed global medical record review
  • Online (shareable) access to the entirety of the records
Time 1 week +/- Less than 24 hours
Cost Contingent on amount of records; typically: $400-$1200 $0.35-50 / page + Print Fees + Packaging Fees + Taxes Flat fee of $300 Bulk offers/annual subscription available upon inquiry


Presently, the turn-around time for medical record analysis is of 24 business hours.Those 24 hours are used to perform the following two-part process:

  1. Initiate LegalScientificsoftware analysis.
  2. Review and analysis of medical record output by NBI’s team of expert

Through this validation process, NBIensurescomplete accuracy of the report we deliver to you. This process also helps to optimize the LegalScientificsoftware system and in course of time will increase the turn-around time to provide you with the even faster service. Upon complete optimization of the LegalScientific software, the secondary review process will no longer be needed to provide you reports with 100% accuracy. Accordingly, we are expecting the turn-around time to be within 30 minutes by January 2019!


Use of LegalScientific’s technology is charged at a flat fee of $300 / use. Bulk rates are also offered for bulks of 10 uses for a rate of $2500. Evidently, our high uses clients will be offered rates for annual, unlimited uses. If you are interested by any of these offers, please inquire about pricing.