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About us

The National Biomechanics Institute is a multi-disciplinary scientific consulting firm, recognized for its objectivity to the scientific process and commitment to client service. NBI is best known for analyzing and determining causes of accidents and injuries across personal injury and criminal litigation. In effort to best serve our clients, NBI employs the nation’s preeminent accident reconstruction, human factors, biomechanics and medical experts. NBI staff and affiliates utilize the latest hardware and software technologies to both ensure scientific validity and provide trial-ready demonstratives. To further the global understanding of accident and injury causation, NBI experts are readily involved in the scientific process through engaging in peer-reviewed research and publication. Recently, NBI has also been active in providing proactive consulting in professional sports, workplace ergonomics, and film production (e.g. car crash dynamics, injury realism). Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the National Biomechanics Institute has offices throughout the United States and Canada.