Rami Hashish, PhD, DPT

Principal | Director, Biomechanics

Dr. Rami Hashish is a Principal at the National Biomechanics Institute. Dr. Hashish holds a PhD in Biokinesiology (with an emphasis in Biomechanics) from the University of Southern California, a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of Washington School of Medicine, a Diploma in Traffic Crash Reconstruction for the Forensic Engineer from Northwestern University, and is a certified Slip and Fall Tribometrist by Excel Tribometers. Dr. Hashish specializes in determining injury potential and mitigation across a variety of settings, including, motor vehicle accidents, slip, trip, & fall events, criminal offenses, workplace environments, and athletic participation.

Dr. Hashish’s primary research focus is in human injury biomechanics. He also has experience with human factors and medical imaging, examining the effects of dual tasking in both neurologically intact and impaired individuals, and conducting cadaveric and computational studies on the foot and calf. In addition to his role at NBI, Dr. Hashish is Adjunct Clinical Faculty in USC’s Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, and is a Medical Correspondent for Dignity Health. As an instructor in musculoskeletal and systems anatomy at USC, Dr. Hashish has participated in more than 100 human cadaver dissections.

Dr. Hashish has more than 35 peer-reviewed publications, serves as an editor for the Journal of Ergonomics, and on the editorial review board for various high impact medical and biomechanics journals. Prior to joining NBI, Dr. Hashish served as a Senior Consultant in Biomechanics at Exponent, as the Director of Rehabilitation Medicine at UrbanMed in Los Angeles, California, as a Contributing Columnist for The Huffington Post, and as a Medical Expert for Runner’s World.