Manon Limousis-Gayda, MS, CXLT

Ms. Manon Limousis-Gayda is an Intern at the National Biomechanics Institute. Ms. LimousisGayda holds a Master of Science (MS) in Sports Biomechanics from Loughborough University and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sports and Exercise Science from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Ms. Limousis-Gayda is also a certified Slip and Fall Tribometrist by Excel Tribometers. Prior to joining NBI, Ms. Limousis-Gayda was a professional skier in France. Ms. Limousis-Gayda is accordingly uniquely equipped to examine the biomechanics of skiing and snowboarding.

Ms. Limousis-Gayda’s primary research focus is in ergonomics, as well as pedestrian and walkaway safety. She also has experience in human factors and sports, performance biomechanics.

In addition to her role at NBI, Ms. Limousis-Gayda serves as a committee member for the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Sports Equipment, Playing Surfaces, and Facilities, Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear and the Forensic Sciences Committee.

MS, Sports Biomechanics, Loughborough University, 2017

BS, Sports and Exercise Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 2016

Intern, National Biomechanics Institute

ASTM Sports Equipment, Playing Surfaces, and Facilities Committee

ASTM Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear Committee

ASTM Forensic Sciences Committee

Research Assistant, Sports Bra Study Team at Loughborough University, 2016-2017

Research Assistant, Marathon Study Team at Anglia Ruskin University, 2014-2015

CXLT, Excel Tribometers

Photography Diploma, GRAPh-CMi

Hashish R, Komari, O, Limousis-Gayda M. Determining Cervical Disc Injury Potential in Motor Vehicle Collisions. American Society of Biomechanics Annual Meeting, Rochester, MI, August 2018.

Limousis-Gayda M, Hashish R, Kranjac D, Lee F. The Effect of Technology on Pedestrian and Driver Behavior. International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, Orlando, FL, July 2018.

Limousis-Gayda M, Hashish R. The use of 3DSSPP in motor vehicle accidents. Europe Chapter on the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Conference, Berlin, October 2018. (In-Review)

Limousis-Gayda M, Zexuan L, Hashish R, Kranjac D, Lee F. Countries development status and driver behavior. International Conference on Urban Health, Uganda, November 2018. (In-Review)

The effect of anthropometric parameters and delta-v in head acceleration in motor vehicle accidents. (In-Preparation)

Biomechanical Analysis in Medicolegal Causation. (In-Preparation)